10/10 would recommend! Don’t get much better than grilled pork chops, smashed potatoes, and fresh steamed broccoli with some good ol’ Garlic Butter & Chives JJ’s seasoning!

Jessica B. from Facebook

I am from the Columbus area and have seen this seasoning at a few locations now and have even met the owner at festival. Gotta say some of the best I’ve ever had… highly recommend

Hunter T. from Amazon

Awesome Pork Tenderloin this evening made with JJ Meat fixing Carolina Chipotle, zesty & savory with a bit of lingering heat. Highly recommend!

David S. from Facebook

Great selection of rubs and seasonings to use on any kind of meat, including seafood. Both on the grill or on the smoker. Also great on fresh vegetables or as a seasoning on scrambled eggs, baked beans, salsa, guacamole...so much more.

Kris M. from Facebook

This is the best seasoning. I buy it in the large container since I use it so much. Great on any meat.

Jeanne A. from Amazon

I have been using JJ’s Original from the start over two years ago. I use it almost every weekend on hamburgers. Can’t say enough about JJ’s!

SN from Amazon