Hey there, welcome to JJ's Meat Fixins'!

We're all about bringing flavor and friendship together while putting the art of smoking meat front and center. If you’re wondering about our name – it's a quirky story! We're two Jeffs who share a love for smoking meat and creating the best spice rubs. That's what makes us who we are.

Meet the Jeffs Behind the Smoke

Jeff Thurman

Hailing from the barbecue capital of the world, Kansas City, Jeff Thurman is the veteran pitmaster behind JJ's Meat Fixins' With years of experience perfecting the fine art of smoking meats, he's not only a seasoned chef but also an expert when it comes to crafting tantalizing spice rubs. Jeff's journey began with a humble smoker he built himself, and from there, he has never looked back. His dedication to bringing out the best flavors in every bite is the cornerstone of our spice blends.

Jeff McGlosson
A native of Ohio, Jeff grew up in the southwestern part of the state where he also became a member of the Ohio Army National Guard. In 2000, Jeff and his wife, Kris, moved to Columbus. Jeff has always had a passion for grilling but quickly became a fan of smoking meat. He loves to experiment with flavors and foods, smoking everything from brisket and baked beans to meatloaves and mac-n-cheese plus seafood and cornbread. His love of trying new things is why he was eager to form this partnership with the other Jeff, and why he’s so committed to making sure their rubs/seasonings are the best they can be for you.

Crafting the Perfect Spice Blends

We’re all about fantastic flavors. We're not just about selling spices; we're here to make your cooking journey exciting. We want every dish you make to be a taste sensation, and it all starts with our top-notch ingredients that make our spice blends so special. Whether you’re smoking, grilling, cooking or baking, our seasonings will take your recipe to the next level.

Kansas City, MO Division

We’re Brandon & Sarah Perkins.

A hard-working married couple with 5 children born and raised in the Kansas City area who enjoy smokin’, grillin’ and eatin’. We believe everything tastes better with a little seasoning…just like life.

Even though we are not the masterminds behind these flavorful combination of spices, we are here to add the zest you’ve been missing to your next meal! When you need that perfect flavor to enhance any dish-from meat and seafood to vegetables—we’ve got you covered.

Our Promise

We promise to deliver the finest spice blends that are a result of our unwavering commitment to flavor, quality, and your ultimate satisfaction. Our journey continues to evolve as we explore new taste profiles and refine our craft, bringing you the best of the barbecue world in every bottle.

Join us on our flavorful journey as we strive to elevate your culinary experience one rub at a time. JJ's Meat Fixins' is more than just a name; it's a celebration of friendship, flavors, and the joy of smoking meat. We look forward to sharing our passion with you, one delicious bite at a time.

Thank you for choosing JJ's Meat Fixins' – Where Every Bite is a Flavorful Adventure!